Hospital Passport and Emergency Card

DMCS has devised a ‘Hospital Passport, for Deaf people attending medical appointments.



Our DMCS Health Advice Officer,
Mehdi over the years has done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of people
to create the DMCS Deaf hospital passport. 
This passport was specially adapted and ideal for Deaf people to take with them when they attend their medical appointments at their GP, consultant, physiotherapist or hospital.


When a Deaf person has a medical appointment, very often there is no interpreter available to communicate between the Deaf person and the medical staff.   Especially when the Deaf person has an emergency appointment.


This DMCS passport contains all the medical information that health care staff need to be able to treat the patient, including;

  • Contact information

  • Dietary requirements

  • Personal care

  • Medical History

  • Allergies

We recommend that ALL Deaf people always carry a copy of our DMCS hospital passport with them at all times, in case of emergencies and for their prebooked medical appointments.

Emergency Card DMCS
Emergency Card DMCS

Emergency Card DMCS
Emergency Card DMCS


If you need more information about how to order your personal
Hospital Passport or
Emergency Card

please contact: 

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