Completion of the BSL level 2 course paves the way for the learner to enrol on the BSL Level 3.

Course Details and Fees

Cooming soon:
Duration: 22 weeks, every Monday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm 

Venue: Greenwich West Community and Arts Centre

141 Greenwich High Rd, Greenwich, London SE10 8JA
Fees: £700 (includes assessment fee of £146 for three exams)


BSL Level 2 Course

This level follows the beginner level.
The BSL Level 2 qualification is designed to enable
the budding signer to develop and improve his
or her ability to communicate with Deaf people
using BSL in a range of familiar contexts in
a more detailed manner.

The course is meant to develop one’s functional communication in BSL on a range of real-life scenarios. The BSL learner will be able to communicate
using BSL daily routine and non-routine task
using more elaborative grammar and structure.


There are 3 units in this course.
The student is required to pass all 3, after which a certificate of completion (signature qualification)
is awarded. 


Unit 1
(BSL 201 – developing receptive skills):
This unit involves learning how to receive and understand specific information and instructions, descriptions, explanations and statements when interacting with deaf people.


Unit 2
(BSL 202 – developing productive skills): The unit involves using simple structures, phrases
and contextual BSL signs when signing or having
a discussion with a deaf person.


Unit 3
(BSL 203 – developingconversational skills):
This unit involves learning how to understand routine questions and responses, requests and views and understanding the main points of routine
conversations with a deaf person.

There are four themes in each of the units:
Everyday Conversation
Eating and Drinking
Shopping and Spending

Travel and Holidays


Assessments are carried out by an assessor from
Signature. Assessments take place during
normal lesson times.
Assessment fees are included in the fees.


To pass this qualification, you will need to master
the theme 'Everyday Conversation', and any two
from the remaining three themes.

Assessment for BSL level 2 will be in
multiple-choice examination (unit 1),
presentation in BSL (unit 2),
and conversation in BSL (unit 3). 

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